Cardamom Praline Swirl

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Flavor Overview

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Cardamom Praline Swirl features a cardamom and vanilla ice cream with a toasted pumpkin seed praline and an apple cider syrup swirl.

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How this Flavor was Born

We created this ice cream with two things in mind: One – How can we feature Athol Orchards Apple Cider Syrup in our ice creams and two – how much Fall can we pack into a single flavor. We love finding quality and creative local ingredients to build ice cream flavors around and this apple cider syrup definitely fits the bill! Nikki Conley and her family (pictured above) create this farm-crafted syrup from their antique/heirloom apple orchard just down the road from Sandpoint.
One taste and you begin to think of falling leaves, cool mornings, flannels, and sweater weather! The spicy, herby, and somewhat citrusy cardamom and vanilla ice cream create the foundation for the syrup swirl. Rounding out the flavor is a praline we create using pumpkin seeds, brown sugar, local wildflower honey (Queen Bee out of Clark Fork), butter, and sea salt.

Key/Local Ingredients

Athol Orchards Apple Cider Syrup – Athol, ID
Queen Bee Honey – Clark Fork, ID

Pairs well With

We would suggest a split scoop with our Mill Town Vanilla or our Pumpkin Pie ice cream. Also pairs well with warm Honeycrisp cider, your favorite wool sweater, and deep philosophical conversations about handcrafted boot