Earl Grey Honey

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Flavor Overview

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Earl Grey & Honey features Winterwoods Inland Grey tea (winterwoodsteacompany.com) with its notes of bergamot oil, orange peel, and cornflower with a light touch of wildflower honey.

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How this Flavor was Born

Creating an Earl Grey ice cream has been on our list for some time. Discovering a local black tea as delicious as Winterwoods Inland Grey was the catalyst we needed to finally check the box. This black tea with delicate notes of bergamot, orange peel, and cornflower beg to be infused with rich cream and wildflower honey – think London fog gone wild!

Key/Local Ingredients

Winterwoods Tea Company – Spokane, WA
Queen Bee Honey – Clark Fork, ID

Pairs well With

We would suggest a split scoop with our Orange and Dark Chocolate Freckles or Sasquatch ice cream. Also pairs well with a waffle cone cookie, corduroy blazers, and conversations with people smarter than yourself.