Earl Grey Honey

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Flavor Overview

Earl Grey & Honey features Winterwoods Inland Grey tea with its notes of bergamot oil, orange peel, and cornflower with a light touch of wildflower honey…

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Cardamom Praline Swirl


Flavor Overview

Cardamom Praline Swirl features a cardamom and vanilla ice cream with a toasted pumpkin seed praline and an apple cider syrup swirl…

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Just Plain Chocolate


We value simplicity without compromising quality and “Just Plain Chocolate” is a delicious example of that. By churning Direct Trade, Single Origin cocoa and Askinosie chocolate into our dairy we are taking “Chocolate Ice-Cream” to a whole new level… 

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Happy Birthday


Three years! We are so excited to share this momentous moment with those that helped us get here, all of you!

Join us March 26th, 2018 Noon-8pm for free ice-cream.

Here is what you need to know…